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About Jeremy Benson

Jeremy Benson has been a Queen Creek resident since 2011. Like many Town residents, he wasn’t quite sure he wanted to live “clear out here” but Queen Creek’s charm quickly caught his heart. Now, he and his family never want to leave!

Jeremy has been a business owner in the town for nearly 7 years and has enjoyed the personal interaction with so many residents of Queen Creek. We have a great community and many customers have also become dear friends. As a business owner, it is important to Jeremy Benson that individuals feel supported in entrepreneurship here in Queen Creek. Jeremy will be the voice of the small business owner on Town Council. He will advocate to make our town a welcoming place for entrepreneurs to
take that leap of faith and invest in themselves.

Jeremy’s number one goal in serving on Town Council is to give back to his community. Jeremy participated in the Town’s Citizen Leadership Academy in 2016 and has been actively involved in serving the Town ever since. He served on the Board of Adjustments in 2017 and was appointed to be a Planning and Zoning Commissioner in 2018. His life has been richly blessed since moving to Queen Creek and he will serve wholeheartedly to show his gratitude for those blessings.

As a candidate for Town Council, and then as a Councilmember, Jeremy will always be accessible to the residents of Queen Creek. Vote for Jeremy Benson and you’ll have a friend on Town Council.

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